April/May Flowers

Spring Flowers seem to be almost over as summer creeps closer to us.  We’ve had several hot days and summer-like thunderstorms.  I’d like to reminisce about the beautiful flowers that have come and gone this past spring.  Indoors, my mom’s orchid bloomed beautifully.  She gave it to my oldest son for safe keeping (above).  We’ll […]

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A Family Favorite: ANZAC Biscuits

I found out just over a year ago that I have relatives in Australia.  Woo hoo!  My aunt posted on Facebook a copy of the recipe, “1914 Anzac Biscuits.”  I had to try it out.  There is a lot of history behind these biscuits, which immediately drew me in.  ANZAC stands for the “Australian and […]

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Rectangular Lemon Layer Cake Anyone?

For a kid-friendly potluck reception, I signed up to bring cake.  How I came to this choice was not a straight path.  The occasion was a potluck reception after a piano recital where my kids were performing.  In thinking about what I could bring for the reception, I put myself in the kids’ shoes.  All […]

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