Grilled Salmon with Dill-Caper-Mustard Sauce

Salmon and dill go together like ice cream and fudge sauce, though salmon is infinitely healthier.  For a couple of Fridays during Lent, this dill-topped salmon recipe has graced our dinner table, much to my kids’ delight.  Despite the presence of capers, my youngest daughter loves it too.  Our alternative sauce for salmon is a […]

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Polish Apple Pancakes (Placki z jabłkami)

Special breakfasts–especially when children are among the guests–usually include pancakes somewhere on the menu.  Pancakes with apples mixed into the batter is something I remember with fondness from my Polish upbringing.  My memories came flooding back to me when my family was treated to apple pancakes during a recent trip to Poland.  And that was […]

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