Meet the Neighbors

This morning, we were pleasantly surprised by the snow that fell overnight.  It wasn’t a lot, but I’ll take it!  What was even better was watching our neighbors–a pair of foxes–come out to enjoy the fresh snow.  This one took a water break poolside.

For several years in a row, foxes have made our backyard their winter retreat.   They are amazing to watch!

They got a little rough. . . .

In the end, they went off together as if nothing ever happened.

Time to gear up for the New Year’s Eve festivities!

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  1. Thanks for sharing a captivating photos with your revisiting four legged neighbors. Their beauty calls for returning to the site again and again. The photography is great too! I am looking forward to see updated photos with the arrival of the young ones.

  2. Our resident foxes are amazing to watch. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos! It was a rare occasion to be able to see the foxes in action AND get to capture them on camera. We had 8 little ones running around in the backyard last year!!! I’m wondering if it wasn’t more than one family. We’ll see what will happen this spring! If they have a litter, we’ll be sure to share the photos!–Ania

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