Foxes’ Ordeal

You may think this fox is simply lounging around our yard, but really the poor thing was going through some tough times this past week.  Setting aside the fact that there were bitter cold temperatures to endure, one day, out of the blue, the fox was badly limping and looked beaten up.

What dangers lurk in the woods behind our house?  What dangers lurk in our yard?  Clearly something terrible happened, but what?  The temperatures were well below freezing for several days in a row.  Fox #2 lost some weight, but at least was not limping.

While Fox #2 was bouncing off the walls, Fox #1 just sat around and didn’t move much.  Then we didn’t see Fox #1 for a while.

Much to our relief, we caught  Fox #1 taking a nap in the usual spot a couple of days later.  When the nap was over, Fox #1 got up and was limping considerably less.  Whew!

As for what happened, it will have to remain a mystery.  We just hope it won’t happen again.


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