Winter 2018: Where’s the Snow?

My favorite season is winter (maybe because it is relatively mild where I live in Virginia), but nevertheless, snow is key for my winter to be complete.  This winter started out promising with a beautiful showering of snow in December.

Our furry friends loved it too.

But after January 1st hit, it’s been a sad showing.  We had a little bit of snow over the weekend, but the temperatures will climb to the 70s soon, so it will all bite the dust.

The sun is out and temperatures are climbing.  Bye, bye snow!

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  1. Another one of them hurt his hind paw, so we are sad about that. It’s the third time something like this has happened. We don’t think it’s the same fox, though. We thought there were only 2 foxes together, but it looks like there are three!

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