Looking Back at Easter 2018: Chocolate Making

Easter baking and chocolate making started a few days  before the big day.  The chocolates came first as they take a few days to make, especially since I don’t have fancy equipment to help things along.  Without a tempering machine, tempering chocolate can be frustrating!

I made little chocolates with mint creme centers.  I’m a mint fan, so I was aching to make these.

I also made peanut gianduja centers and then used the gianduja to fill molded chocolates.

I spread out some of the peanut gianduja into a pan and poured a layer of raspberry ganache over it.  I then cut them into “squares” and enrobed the squares in dark chocolate to make my version of PB&J truffles.

With some of the raspberry ganache, I filled molded hearts and let them sit overnight before capping.

I also tried my hand at Easter bunnies and chocolate lollipops.  After this experience, I have a new appreciation for the ones you buy at the store!   Here are my lollipop lambs.

I also practiced making bar chocolate studded with nuts or dried fruit and nut clusters.  Following the nut theme, I made almond butter toffee enrobed in dark chocolate.  Mmmmm good.  I weighed some out to see how many go into 2 ounces.

Maybe my dream chocolate shop will someday come true!

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