Mid-Spring Flowers 2018, Northern Virginia-Style

Every week, a new wave of Spring flowers emerge.  These bleeding hearts above are a lovely sight.  They are short-lived, which is a bummer, but their lives are longer than other plants that get eaten by the local deer.  Bleeding hearts are deer resistant!

These hostas are making their way out of the ground.  Lucky there is a fence between the deer and the hostas.  The deer haven’t figured out quite yet this season that they can easily jump the fence!

The red bud tree is in full bloom.

Last year, we planted a cutting from a Japanese star magnolia.  It not only survived the experiment, but it also has one bloom!

Virginia blue bells are popping up everywhere.

Our frail blueberry bush has some buds that are starting to open.

We have a sparse offering of grape hyacinth and alyssum (or at least I think that’s what it is).

Here’s a pretty striped tulip in an artsy shot.

We’ve got sweetly fragrant narcissus still in bloom.

Another lone tulip basking in the sun.

After two long years, our tiny patch of asparagus finally produced a spear or two.

And our few strawberry plants are blooming!

To round out this collection, I’m returning to my favorite–bleeding hearts.

The weather was hot last week, but now the temperatures have gotten back down to normal.  I’m sure the weeds are loving it.  We’ll take a look at our favorite weeds in a future post!


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