Weeds in the Backyard

I’ve been hovering around drafting this weed post for so long that these weeds have actually moved on to whatever their next stage in life is as they gear up for summer.  However, I still thought some early stage weed photos might put flowers in perspective.  But weeds aren’t too bad when viewed through my son’s lens.

This dandelion field below , a.k.a. half of our  backyard, tells the true story of dandelions from the perspective of the home gardener.  Not so attractive, but probably could have squeezed out some serious dandelion wine.  Next year, maybe?

Dandelions are easy to identify.  For these weeds below –we have a prolific offering, but I have no idea what they are called.  They plague our garden!  I have ranked these weeds at the bottom of my list.  Of course, it’s Murphy’s Law that they are everywhere in our yard!

This is a terrible weed because it scatters seeds all over when it gets agitated, like when you try to pull them them out during backbreaking weeding.

Here is a lone clover.

And violets perhaps.

This one has nice flowers, but thorns on the stem so painful to pull out of the ground when weeding.  The thorns go right through garden gloves!

Various mushrooms/fungi were found around the yard.


I doubt they are edible!

Below are blooming chives.  Definitely not a weed.  Chives, with their mild onion flavor, are great chopped up and thrown on top of hard boiled eggs or into a salad.  But you can’t do that to the stems that produced flowers, which is why I included this photo in my collection of problem plants.

I cut off these stems, but my chives haven’t yet recovered.

Below, is a photo of our Oregon Grape bush full of berries.  They have since turned to a concord grape, purple color.  When they turn purple, it’s time to pick them . . . and make some jam?

Here are some real grapes in the making.

The next post will showcase some beautiful flowers from the backyard (unless I sneak in a post about baking!)l.

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