Baby Foxes Out on Their Own

Summer is in full swing.  That means the litter of foxes that appeared before Spring has dispersed and the baby foxes are out there in the wild on their own without their mommy.  By the time summer began, the litter of cubs went from 5-6, to just 3.  Sadly, we found some bones of one of the fallen cubs on our patio–it was the poor little guy’s jaw.  Heartbreaking!  Looking back on the family’s time with us, there were so many special moments we witnessed, some of which we were able to catch on camera and video (still being prepared for posting!).  Mommy seemed to make sure that each cub had one-on-one time with her.  They would play together very affectionately, though oftentimes aggressively.  The cubs found lost tennis balls and baseballs lying around the neighborhood and brought them to our backyard to play.  They are too cute for words!

Below is the best shot we could get of the cubs suckling.

Then mommy decided to follow a scent.  The cubs followed her of course!

Oops.  We’ve been spotted!  The cubs ran away while mommy stared at us.

During another fox spotting, we caught a cub closer than usual.

Then he took off.

About a month ago, my son got these great shots of mommy.

Around the same time, he was able to get pretty close to a distracted cub.  But then the little guy caught on and turned to run away.

Foxes aren’t easily fooled!

We’ve had several fox sightings this past week.  The foxes we’ve seen are the cubs.  We can tell because they are still on the small side.  Our very last sighting was of one of the cubs hopping around with a snake in its mouth.  Yikes!

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