Virginia Deer Caught on Camera

Deer are sweet looking animals, but they have some downsides too, not the least of which is being large garden pests.  Our backyard is fenced in, but of course they can easily jump over the fence or find gaps to squeeze through.  Their infiltration of our backyard hasn’t been too bad this season.  Is it because of the foxes?  Wishful thinking. . . .

In the following photographs, I present to you our resident deer.  My son took this series of photos over the course of the summer–hope you enjoy them!

The deer in the photo below is such a sweetie pie!  I see small antlers emerging.

I see bigger antlers on another one.  And it looks like he’s got an old injury.

Here’s a mama and her babies.

This one is carrying pretty big antlers.

Below is the “injured” deer again.  My son got pretty close to take photos of him.  Mr. Deer was not amused, and started stomping his hind leg.

And then his front leg.

Below, is he thinking my son is a tasty plant?

Happy Summer!

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    1. Many thanks! He and his camera have some nice adventures (and all in our backyard). I thought one of the deer was going to charge him once, but luckily there was a fence between them!!

  1. Beautiful photos as well as the whole story. Love all of them, but the one of mama and her little ones is simply priceless! Kudos to your talented son!!!

    1. Thank you! I love the photos too. He got so close that he was able to get great detail on them. Priceless!

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