Virginia Birds in the Backyard

In this post, I wanted to show you the collection of photos taken by my son over the course of the summer.  The bird above wanted to remain anonymous at first.

Seeing the feathers on its belly gave it away.  It’s a Robin of course.  They are everywhere!

But here is my favorite bird to watch, the hawk.

The photo of the hawk above is quite special.  We usually see them far off in the woods, or in flight above our heads (just as in the photos below), so to be able to capture a photo of the hawk sitting put in a tree and so close was a treat.  But photos of the underside of the hawk in flight are quite special too!  I wish we could get a close-up shot.  There are about 6 species of Hawks in Virginia.  This one appears to be the Red-Shouldered Hawk.

Here we are back with the hawk waiting around in a tree.  The hawk finally noticed that someone is taking a snapshot.

The state bird of Virginia is the Cardinal.  We’ve find these striking birds in our backyard nearly everyday.

Here is a suspicious one on our patio chair.

Mr. Cardinal finally decided to take off.

Mrs. Cardinal was lurking about too.

Blue Jays are also seen quite a bit in our backyard.  Here is one soaking up the sun.

We have quite a few types of birds I’m not familiar with.  At some point, I should get myself a book on local birds and see if I can identify them. . . .

A snapshot of a bird in flight is something incredible!

More yellow birds . . . .

These small yellow birds below are the cutest!  I think they are American Goldfinches.  We see them mostly in July and August going after the purple coneflowers.  Here, they must be resting.

We’ve circled back to the Robin.

And there you have it!  Our aspirations are to capture photos of a woodpecker, a vulture (yes, we have them around here!), and an owl.  We’ll keep trying. . . .

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