Look Who’s Watching!

If you decide to take a peaceful walk outside in the woods or your backyard and think you are alone, think again.  There are no doubt living creatures doing their thing out there who are very interested in you and what you plan to do while you take your walk.  Don’t be surprised if you find that you are being watched!

These photos were taken on a couple of such occasions a month or so ago where a walk in the woods revealed a whole bunch of human-watchers.

Here is Mrs. Cardinal.

Close by was Mr. Cardinal.  By the way, the cardinal is Virginia’s state bird.

And another cardinal.

Interestingly enough, we see more blue jays than cardinals.

Here is a small bird trying to remain unnoticed.  He almost pulled it off.

Bugs get into the action too.  Can you spot the insect on this hydrangea?

This butterfly is either “Cabbage White” or “West Virginia White.” The Massachusetts Butterfly Club has a side-by-side comparison chart.  See for yourself, but I think it’s probably a Cabbage White butterfly.

And here we have the Monarch Butterfly, just like in the first photo, but this is one is more orange.

Our woods have plenty of deer.  They are always on the look out for the presence of humans.  Not that they’ll be afraid of you enough to stop eating the plants in your backyard . . . .

This pair was interesting.  One had spots and one didn’t.  The one with spots looked like an adult, so the spots were curious.  They are supposed to lose their spots after 90-120 days.

And another deer.  Where there is one, there are at least 4 others close by!

Here is our resident fox.  Probably scoping out a den for the winter.

One of the resident young foxes is making an escape.

Not sure what the name of this one is, but he sure seems to have a long nose.

Next time you’re outside, try spotting who is looking at YOU.

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