April/May Flowers

Spring Flowers seem to be almost over as summer creeps closer to us.  We’ve had several hot days and summer-like thunderstorms.  I’d like to reminisce about the beautiful flowers that have come and gone this past spring.  Indoors, my mom’s orchid bloomed beautifully.  She gave it to my oldest son for safe keeping (above).  We’ll see if it blooms like this next year!

Of course, there were daffodils.

Here are magnolia that bloomed while it was still on the cold side.

Weeping ornamental cherry.

The lone crocus.

And from last year, here are photos of some beautiful peonies and roses that didn’t make it into a post.

A little dark, but the roses are still nice.

We’ll see how our vegetable garden will fare this year.  It seems as though we’ve gotten a nice bit of rain this spring, so that might help.  Stay tuned for those photos!

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