The Foxes Are Back 2019

It’s that time of year when Mr. and Mrs. Fox make their home under our shed.  When it gets warmer, we hope to see some kits scurrying around the yard like last year. Foxes are a joy to watch!  When the snow falls, they come out to play like little kids.They like to find a […]

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Farewell Fritz

Early Monday morning, November 26th, at 6:15am, our beloved cat, Fritz, took his last breath.  He was my furry companion for 21.5 of his 24.5 years of life, witnessing both my single life and my married life with kids.  He was a fixture in the family and a part of the kids’ entire lives.  Sadness […]

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Look Who’s Watching!

If you decide to take a peaceful walk outside in the woods or your backyard and think you are alone, think again.  There are no doubt living creatures doing their thing out there who are very interested in you and what you plan to do while you take your walk.  Don’t be surprised if you find […]

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