Christmas Chocolates

Now that the weather is cooler, and the temperature inside the house hovers around 68°F, I’ve started making chocolates again.  In just over a month, it will be a year since I took a chocolatiering course given by École Chocolat.  What fond memories I have of that course!  Since then, I’ve practiced here and there, but when the weather got too warm, and I couldn’t get the temperature in the kitchen down to the upper 60s, I had countless troubles getting the chocolate to the right working temperature, with disastrous results.  After that experience, I gained a new respect for chocolate and chocolate makers!

In the photo are some molded chocolates I made this past week–just in time for the Christmas season.  They are filled with hazelnut-almond milk chocolate gianduja.  I dusted the hearts with some gold luster dust to make them more festive-looking.

I made some dark chocolate bars too.

This escapade took me too many hours to count.  I need to practice, practice, practice!

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  1. Glad you like the look of the chocolates! I made some more last night (in the wee hours of the morning). They were hand-dipped so a little messier . . . . It was still loads of fun to do–very therapeutic.–Ania

  2. Wow! Your chocolates are out of this world! What a very special treat at Christmas time or any occasion! They taste so scrumptious and fresh, it would be unjustifiable to compare them with the finest professionally made. It’s easy to conclude that aside from the best and purest ingredients you use, the true magic must come from your love of making them. How can I place my first order?

  3. Thanks for your compliments! I absolutely love making chocolates!
    Working with chocolate is challenging but rewarding. I wish I could send you some, but I’m still just practicing in my home kitchen. It would be a dream come true to open a chocolate shop!–Ania

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