Summer Insects

Mid-day during the summer months, venturing out into the backyard can be quite an adventure.  I have to not only deal with the heat and humidity, but I also have to dodge flying insects!  When it’s lunchtime, it seems to be their lunchtime as well.  So if I try to pick some vegetables from the garden, I need to watch out for those bees!

Last year, it was the same thing.  Bees everywhere.

Coneflowers are such pretty perennial flowers, but even prettier when adored with a bee.

Now these are weeds.  What’s worse is that they are weeds with thorns, so not easy to deal with.  These bees don’t seem to see a problem with them.

This bee is caught in flight!

Here is another weed with a bee.  This weed has an interesting and dramatic look to it, which is my excuse for not weeding it.

I never tire of dragonflies.

This caterpillar looks a little mean with all its spikes.  I inadvertently brushed against a similar caterpillar with spikes (except yellow), and I got a bad rash afterwards.  Beware of spiky insects.  Notice how the fly in the upper left corner is even staying away.

And finally a moth on our butterfly bush.   He couldn’t be happier!




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  1. Thanks, I’ll let him know. I like the bees in flight best–the photos look better in Lightroom (versus on the blog). Signed, Proud Mama!

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