Happy Mother’s Day 2018

Today, we celebrated Mother’s Day.  There are no words that can begin to express the amount of love and nurturing a mother will shower over her children.  I couldn’t grasp this concept until I became a mother myself.  My mom–also known as Super Mom–spent ALL her time, and any of her spare time, making sure I had the love and support I needed, and then some.  I’ve tried to emulate her, but I am no doubt missing the mark.  I’m still learning!

Today, my kids took some extra steps to make sure I had a great day today.  We celebrated the day with quite a few laughs–my favorite thing to do.  And, predictably, we were in the kitchen baking!  While strawberries are lining the shelves at the supermarket, I have to admit that mint brownies are my favorite no matter what the season, so by golly, that is what we baked . . . and ate.  Regrettably, there are no photos of this indulgence to share.  Instead, to mark this special day, I have some photos of pretty spots in the garden.  What would Mother’s Day be without flowers?!

Because I’m beat from all of the day’s festivities, my mind has drawn a blank on the names of all of these flowers in the garden.

Though I know these flowers below are violets.  OK, so they are sort of like weeds, er, wild flowers.  They still count in my book!

Here’s another wild plant growing in the garden (well, the yard).  It’s one of my favorites:  MOSS!

I’ll end with a buddy of ours who made a cameo appearance.

Here’s to you, Mom.  Happy Mother’s Day 2018!

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  1. My Dearest Daughter! Thank you so very much for honoring me on Mother’s Day in such kind & reflective manner. With out any reservation, I can declare that you’re the one that should be recognized as the Super Mom! I don’t know another young mother who selflessly does so much for her young children while keeping up with the full time highly demanding professional job. What a good example you’re for your young children! You’re not only highly ambitious, but also you have multiple talents, plus you’re brave to confront any challenge that comes your way. You’re truly the Super Mom and an extraordinary person! I love you more than words can express, and I am enormously proud of you. Mom

    1. Thanks, Mom! While this response is so, so very late (and you know exactly why and what I’ve been up to!), I still want to say that I very much appreciate your kind and loving words. You have always stood behind me and supported me in all the things I’ve set out to do (right down to my pet lab rat). Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  2. Ania,

    I have to chip in, too. We are not related, but I look upon you as showing all the wonderful qualities your mother has praised. The old lawyer in me doesn’t see how you possibly can do it.


    Affectionately, David


    1. Thanks so much, David, for your kind words! But my head is hanging very, very low since I am responding so painfully late! I’ve had a hectic couple of weeks, including some increased activity in the kids’ piano world (we were in NYC for a performance!), so I was pressed to take a break from the blog. We have some great photos of our family of foxes that I hope to post soon. We are also preparing some videos which are more interesting, but those aren’t ready for prime time yet. Ah, so much to do, but it’s all happy stuff, so I can’t complain! Take care, Ania

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