Spring Flowers 2020

In two weeks, summer arrives, though it feels like summer is already here.  The temperature has climbed to 89°F, accompanied by high humidity, a full supply of gnats and mosquitoes, and evening thunderstorms (2 so far).  The spring flowers that I love the most have long since gone, so it’s time to preserve those memories in a post!

The cover photo above shows off the first bursts of blooms from the eastern redbud tree.  When the tree is in full bloom, it is a sight to see.  In the photo below, a bumble bee can be spotted taking advantage of the situation.

Early star magnolia blooms are short-lived, but smell divine.

Narcissus, native to the Mediterranean, also have a wonderful scent.  Apparently, their bulbs contain a toxic substance!

Tulips are always gorgeous, especially these, which are from my parents’ garden.

The purple variety is strikingly beautiful.

Can’t get enough of the red tulips though!

Growing out from a large mass of citronella plants are our bleeding hearts.

Crocuses were few and far between this year.  Actually, we only had ONE.

Another angle . . . .

Later on in the spring, Virginia bluebells start to bloom.  They pop up wherever they want, so we find them hard to control.  But they have charming little flowers!

Last but not least, here is a neighborhood cat faithfully guarding our collection of periwinkle.

Summertime is almost here!

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